National Management Olympiad 2019 is also an effort to recognize budding management talent and Colleges which are working hard to help these budding managers to grow in a conducive & information-rich Environment.

There would be 3 kinds Of Awards.

1- Awards for registered participants,

2-Awards for colleges,

3-Awards for corporate,

1- Awards for registered participants,

NMO ChampionsThis Award will be given to the winning team of the final round of National Management Olympiad 2019.

Runner-Up Award– This Award will be given to Runner-up Team In Finals of National Management Olympiad 2019.

Best Planning AwardsWinner of Best Planning Award will be decided on the basis of maximum points acquired for the planning factor of the Business case solution, during the particular stage of NMO 2019, Thus there will be Three(3) Best Planning Awards.

  • Best Planning For Quarter Finals
  • Best Planning for Semi-Finals
  • Best Planning For Finals

Best Team EffortThis Award will go The Team Where most team members were active on NMO Platforms and Gathered Most Likes on team Page, Participation of every team member on NMO Portal is a must to qualify for this award nomination.

Best IdeaThis Will be given to Student Who will provide Best Idea for Solution of BEST IDEA CONTEST.

Best Planning- Student Who will get the most points for Planning will get this award.

Best Team LeaderBest Team Leader Among All Leaders of virtual Companies selected on the basis of Votes on Leadership Skills.

2-Awards for colleges,

Max Student Participation Award– This Award will go to college from Where Max Students are participating and Active throughout NMO 2019 Period.

College of Champions – College from Where Most Students win the awards will get this Award.

Best Faculty Support Award- These Awards will be given to those colleges from where Most faculty experts are engaged in NMO 2019 Processes throughout Contest Duration.

3-Awards For Corporates

Pillar Of Strength- These Awards Will be Given To Corporates whose Participation & Support Made Event possible.

Apart From these Awards There are various exciting prizes to win for All Registered participants via intermediary Quizzes.

Thank You.

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