As you are aware that National Management Olympiad is an annual competition for Management Students and young professionals to hone their management skills, and it provides an excellent opportunity for participants to explore a new way of learning, however, most participants often raise the question that how they can utilize this platform for maximum learning? Let’s find out best practices to follow for a great learning experience during National Management Olympiad.

NMO is a multi-way communication platform where engagement is the key, participants should engage themself at every step of the competition process, below I am trying to give the examples of engagement at every step of the competition.

Pre-Competition Stage:
(A) before the competition starts, participants must complete their profiles with details and must write a good summary about themselves, their favorite management subject, academic inclination & career interests, etc. A complete profile creates a strong and verified web presence for participants. The shareability of the participant’s NMO page makes it much easier to use it as their online professional Introduction.

(B) Build Your Network: participants should popularize their profile among their peers & faculties encourage feedback -this is important to generate a good Network & following, if a participant has more registered participants as their followers then they might get better suggestions to improve their page and subsequently better page ranking. Similarily a better faculty network will help them improve their business case solutions.

During Competition:
(A) Submit your entries at least 5-6 hours prior to the deadline and get it evaluated by your faculties and peers, for improvements and to make your case solution stronger.
(B) Observe all entries on the platform, this will help you understand other’s perspectives and communication styles which can be great learning for anyone.
(C) Even if you are not a direct participant in Team Stage, Still observe and comment your point of view on Submissions, you will have great learning by sharing your knowledge and taking direct part with stakeholders in competition. Apart from the chance to win prizes you may also get noticed and chosen for “wild card Entries” in any one of the team.
(D) Teams must be having a free environment within themselves, in which every team member should feel free to contribute, teams can use the communication module provided on NMO Portal for the same.
(E) For All registered participants, who are not part of NMO virtual companies (Teams), Intermediary quizzes can be a very rich platform for learning where they can learn problem-solving skills and also win exciting prizes.

Post Competition:

Once the competition ends, post-competition activities start like Online Publication Of Results, NMO Digest Publication, Key highlight mention of best business case solutions, feedback collections from Participants, etc.
Participants should periodically engage with these publications and feedback channels which can also provide an understanding of why winners have won and what can be improved to get optimum solutions for a business problem.

● Login and check your NMO Portal regularly
● Follow your NMO login’s Dashboard “To DO Lists” what next etc..
● Share your WhatsApp Number on NMO portal & Save NMO Official Whatsapp Number on your phone so that you receive broadcasts on time.
● Communicate with NMO Team for Any query, We are happy to help you using any channel, be it website chat, Whatsapp, Phone, Or Email.

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