Management starts with the start of our lives, every living being is managing its resources, consumption’s, actions & outcomes.
Everything we learn to organize our lives can be considered management.
from predicting and keeping grocery stock for the month, or planning for exams, etc also is part of life management.

Although when it comes to business management skills it’s always desirable that managers handling various functions in the whole organizational pyramid, should have knowledge of basic management principles and sense to apply the same in practice environments, that’s the reason that we have so many Management institutes across the globe.
If you look closely all management principles have been derived to solve one or a few problems. for example, Henry Ford Wanted to make cars at a faster pace, with optimized cost so that profit can be maximized, thus he invented the concept of “Assembly Line” Specialised person focusing on single work and repeatedly doing the same task to gain optimum speed for completion of work. This system brought out a new management principle of “Economy Of Scale”, Now after 106 Years of Henry Ford inventing The assembly line its a common Business Practice to follow the principle of Economy of scale in almost all manufacturing factories.

We can find several similar examples, all in all, I am trying to convey is that management is not limited to books, it is omnipresent and in everyday life, we invent/devise to do things in a better efficient manner. Managing life means getting things done to achieve life’s objectives and managing an organization means getting things done with and through other people to achieve its objectives.
Some people think Management is an art & some people think its a science, although it’s a subject of debate, we can say that the process of converting art into science is management.

Recorded knowledge in books helps in understanding existing or historical knowledge, principles, and wisdom, but beyond books, there is a practical world which always pushes mankind to find new solutions. National Management Olympiad (NMO) is a try to give exposure to participants to find these solutions beyond books in practical business problems within a virtual environment,

Let’s find new solutions, let’s learn something new, let’s learn beyond books.

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