If you are a management student Or an aspirant I am sure you have come across National Management Olympiad 2019, and if you are curious to know more about NMO 2019 please continue reading as I am going to share 10 Most important Points about National Management Olympiad 2019.

1- National Management Olympiad 2019 is an online competition open for All Management Aspirants, Students & professionals.

2-National Management Olympiad 2019 is going to happen on an online platform, which will host 95% of NMO 2019 ’s activities and will provide ease of access to participate from anywhere in the world.

3- There would be 5 Teams that will work as virtual companies. In these virtual companies, participants can get virtual positions in their chosen department.

4- Once a participant register himself /herself with NMO 2019, He /She will be part of competition throughout, whether they will participate as a team member (virtual Company Member) Or as an individual. They will always have a chance to showcase their talent.

5- During National Management Olympiad 2019 there would be 2 Intermediary quizzes, which will be open to all registered participants and will provide a chance to win exciting prizes.

6- National Management Olympiad is an engagement opportunity for all participants, They can share their Views & Ideas, also they can share reviews online, which will provide them exposure to participating Industry Experts and faculty experts from across India.

7- Selected Business Case Solutions will be published in Management Olympiad Digest 2019 after Completion of NMO-2019, Management Olympiad Digest 2019 Will be distributed among colleges and corporates and can be used as a reference book for posterity. Will, it is not a great achievement to get your solution published in such a good publication.

8- Corporate has shown interest to recruit students according to their National Management Olympiad 2019 performance & corresponding requirement in their organization.

9- Schedule of NMO 2019  is planned keeping the academic schedule of participants in mind so that harmony can be maintained between NMO 2019 activities & their academic schedule.

10- Winning Team of Olympiad will be declared on 28 April 2019 at a ceremony proposed in Delhi-NCR, in which various dignitaries will facilitate all award winners.


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