National Management Olympiad 2019(NMO 2019), is an online competition. In NMO 2019 participants will participate from all over India. This online Competition is open for All management Practitioners and Management & Commerce stream students.

The format of competition can be divided into 3 parts

1- Team Formation Quiz, 2- Business Case Scenarios, 3- Intermediary Quizzes for All Non-Team Member Participants.

In the first activity, all successfully registered participants will take part in a multiple choice Quiz Exam which will have the questions from 5 basic management Streams Marketing, Finance, Information technology, Human resources & Leadership. Each Correct answer will be awarded 2 Points and Incorrect answers will have -1 (Minus One) mark. No point will be deducted Or awarded for unattempted questions. Post-Quiz there would be a business case scenario competition for the position in virtual companies in which all registered participants will take part. The results will be declared. For team Formation (Virtual Companies) merit list will be created on the total points accumulated in Quiz & BCS01.

A total of 5 teams will be created, each having 30 members initially. These Teams will act as Virtual Companies and will have Department leaders and Executives for marketing, Human Resources, finance, information technology & leadership.

In the second part, teams will be given business case scenarios( BCS) and Questions based on BCS. This is Quarterfinal Stage. Virtual companies will try to solve the business case scenario through Team Effort However the responsibility of completing the task will be on respective Department heads. NMO portal Will have the discussion facility among team members and online Submission facility to facilitate these activities. The team’s solution will be published online on NMO 2019 for voting and reviews by registered participants, Industry Experts & Faculty Experts.  On the basis of points accumulated, 3 teams will qualify for the semifinal and Similarily after Semifinal 2 teams will qualify for Finals. The final result declaration is scheduled for 28 April 2019.

After Quarterfinal, Semifinal & Final there would be a reshuffle in teams and new Members will be introduced to the team and Non Performing members can be removed from the teams. This Reshuffle will allow Other Registered participants to be part of virtual Companies and take upfront positions. These reshuffles will happen on the basis of total points earned by the activities of registered participants. More active the participant more points he will accumulate.

Part 3 is Intermediary Quizzes, Total 2 Such Quizzes will be organized. These Quizzes will happen for All Non-Members of virtual Companies. and there are exciting prizes to be won during these quizzes.

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