We Need To Write (Story- Teamwork, Virtual Position, Industry Given BCS, Problem Solving Approach of Different Individuals, Industry Outlook/Academic Outlook of Problems)

National Management Olympiad 2020 is set to bring out various traits in its participants.

The format of Competition itself provides opportunity to participate and learn , if someone participates in main quiz but couldn’t secure enough marks to be part of a virtual company even then he/she can take part in business case scenario phases as they can see business case scenarios, write & submit their own solution , read and vote for virtual companies, take part in various #takeNMOchallenges , and Intermediary quizzes.

The virtual company members will be working in tandem to one another as they have to solve business case scenarios, during last years competition participants have experienced the team-working environments like a global conglomerate, where teams working on Business problems sits apart in different corners of the world but yet they use technology to get connected and collaborate to make things work. National Management Olympiad provides opportunity to work on a business problem from a business leader’s perspective where in real world we only get to work on fraction of solution not the full perspective of it, the clear advantage here is to get a birds eye view & experience on real world problem solving.

We all may solve same problem differently yet every solution can be right, NMO platform gives a fare chance to participants to experience the beauty of differences and approaches.

One more important thing which this Management Olympiad is trying to do is to find synergies between Industrial and academic outlook of problems, This will be achieved by bringing both sides on same platform to contribute in forming quizzes and business case scenarios . this approach of inclusiveness of both side gives National Management Olympiad an edge over traditional way of learning.

All the best to participants of National Management Olympiad.

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